Large Storage Units:

16'x28' (448 sq.ft.) This storage unit will store everything in your house or the combination of one large vehicle/RV/boat 28’or less as well as the contents of a 2-3 bedroom space or multiple small vehicles.

16'x32' (512 sq.ft.) This storage unit will hold a vehicle/RV/boat up to 32’ and multiple smaller vehicles while still allowing room for the contents of a 2-3 bedroom space. 

16'x36' (576 sq.ft.) This unit is able to store multiple vehicle/RV/boat combinations, while still allowing room for a whole house or many small vehicles. 

Custom Units  Upon request we can combine two units to create one large unit, 56' in length! This requires at least a year rental committment.

-equipped with lights & has access to power

-10' x 12' fully sealed & insulated overhead door

-14' side walls

-have walk through doors